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Dennis White
Head Hunting Guide
Asst. Fishing Guide For Upper and Midcoast Bays
Capt. Dustin Lee
Head Fishing Guide For Upper and Midcoast Bays
Asst. Hunting Guide
Capt. Pat Tabor
Head Fishing Guide For Coastal Bend and Laguna Madre
Capt. Dustin Lee has been fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast, from Galveston to Matagorda and all spots in between, since his Father and Grandfather took him from the time he was 2 years old. His Grandfather taught him to respect our beautiful coast line as well as a few tricks to finding the BIG fish!! So, we hope you come along for the ride and have a great time in doing so. Service is a “kid friendly” business catering to anyone, from 4 years to 94 years, from corporate events to the every day “buddy trips”, interested in bagging their 1st or 101st “keepers”. Capt. Lee wants you to “Get Hooked” the way he did when he was just a small child!! Capt. Dustin Lee has a degree in Aquaculture and has worked at numerous hatcheries along the coast, re-stocking bays from Galveston to Matagorda, for the Texas Parks and Wildlife.
I first started fishing in Aransas Pass, TX when I was 3 years old. Though from what I've been told I was on a boat at 6 months. And I've been thanking my grandparents and parents for that ever since. Then when I was around 10 I fished my first tournament with my father and grandfather. The problem was the only thing I won was a rod and reel, and that was a door prize. But it didn't matter, by then I had already "caught" the fishing bug. See, originally, I'm from San Antonio, TX but I spent all my summers with my "Papa & Mimi". They're in Aransas, and when I wasn't fishing with Papa or on a boat shrimping with one of his friends I would ride my bicycle down to Hamptons Landing and fish for perch by the cleaning tables. To me it didn't matter as long as I was catching something.
It was there I met a friend that I will remember forever. He was by all means a true old salt. His name was Sid and for some reason or another he took a liking to me. Whenever Sid and his black poodle would take his old yellow tri-hull boat out he'd let me tag along and fish with them and I loved every second of it. To this day I still fish a few of the spots that old man showed me. Unfortunately, Sid has passed on but I think he'd be proud of me because I still fish all the time.

Dennis White

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